KM Mechanika Kft. Is a machine parts manufacturer and machining small company whose main profile is the production and machining of medium-sized, small-scale parts, machine parts on precision machines. Typical annual series are 100-2000 pieces, sizes 300-4000 kg. The Company was founded in 2007 in Pécs, which is still family owned. At the beginning of a rented hall, little work was done on low power machines in very bad conditions. Due to continuous improvements and investments, the machine fleet has been replaced almost entirely and has been renewed. The current site was purchased by the Company in 2012, where the production started in 2013 and a new hall was built in 2014-15. Thus, the area of ​​the factory hall is currently 1200 m2 with several bridges and rotating cranes. The developments are still ongoing, following the expansion of energy and material handling capabilities in the spring of 2017, a new CNC large horizontal machine and a CNC carousel lathe were installed. Since the founding of the company, the company has been working with a well-trained, helping and rewarding permanent colleagues who makes it easy to integrate newcomers as well.


Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ supply needs continuously on a high level and quality, so that the quality of our activity, the products and the quality of production, the final product fulfill the requirements of our Company, maintaining production flexibility and keeping short deadlines.


Complete production of scissor systems for self-propelled heavy duty work benches.

Welding of generator houses, production of segmental parts.

Mobile crane parts, (forks, rope drums, boomers, spacers).

Machining of acid-resistant crushing equipment (shafts, cylinders, rotors).

Machining and assembly of conveyors, machine chassis.

Chipping of drive technology parts.

But there is already a 50-person river catamaran hull for the Danube as well as the Trabant 2 T sport variant.

Machining Technology

CNC Machining Centers CNC Carousels CNC Large Scales CNC Large and Medium Horizontal (Digital Display) Horizons

Locksmith technology (plate)

CNC flame cutter
CNC bending, welding, cutting, drilling.


DDOP-1.1.1 / D-11-2011-0085 The site development of KM Mechanika Ipari és Szolgáltató Kft Amount of support: 30.609.553 Ft A new hall was built under the investment, and a CNC machining center was purchased.
GINOP-1.2.1-15-2015-00707 Extending the production capacities of KM Mechanika Ipari és Szolgáltató Kft. Amount of support: HUF 51,911,920 During the development we put into operation a CNC drilling machine, a CNC carousel, a bridge crane for machine and parts hauling, and a high-performance screw compressor.

Contact us

7631 Pécs, Nagyárpádi str. 11/b.
Technology: +36 70 369-3144
E-mail: info@kmmechanika.hu

István Kéri Executice Director
+36 70 369-4741

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